Site Progression


August 2014

On the 6th I had a Hard Drive failure in the PC that looks after all the live data and the Weather Display Software for this site. On the 23rd I built a new machine for this role and restored most of the services, with the rest to follow,as and when I can remember what I had set up.

This has resulted in all the records being reset to the rebuild day. I am hopeful that given time to go through some of the other data I have. I should be able to amend these to more accurate figures going back to 2010 when I started this. However this may take a little more time.

March 2014

Working on Moving the Web site to a new cloud server.

March 2013    

Some small additions to this site, now include running Davis Weather link as well as Weather Display software to generate data and graphics for which I will be looking to include here on this site.

Made changes to the main page to include some information for Weather Link.

Other changes have included some formatting and testing for Apple hand held devices i.e IPad, IPhone & IPod to help display this site on those devices.

There are also some small tweaks to improve the look of some pages in Firefox & Chrome.

I have also recoded the Stats page, although the look is the same, it will now auto populate without me having to make any further changes.

February 2013        

It’s been some time coming having some time to work on this site, but at last I have found some.

So with all this time I have redesigned it to give it a more professional look and feel and with better structure.

May 2011

Made some changes to the look of the main page and I have also  added a new page that will allow access to historical Stats. I hope this new  addition is useful to all. Another area we would like to develop is the Weather & Picture  Blogs for which I am looking into. It’s been a nice start to the year so let’s  hope this weather is going to be nice for us for the rest of the year.

December 2010

So here we are nearly one year on with 3 locations for the weather  station and 6 months of getting the software PC to stay up, but we have made  it. No real development to the web, will try harder next year. Have made a new  addition of the weather & picture blog.